Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The road to espresso perfection

After having used my Silvia for some weeks, I knew it was time for the next step... A grinder. After all i want my espresso to be perfect, which actually starts with the beans, but roasting is still a step too far for me.
I went back to the koffie cultuur centrum in Amsterdam for some advice, and a
grinder of course. This time I was helped by the even older man (sorry, you asked for it). After a quick chat I decided to by a Rocky, how surprising ;o)
I got the machine together with a big bag of beans to begin with and left after a nice chat and persuading another customer into the Silvia ;)
After having set up the machine at home and finding the right grind setting, I can honestly say it is worth it! My espresso is even better than before, which
was already amazing!
I can advise anyone who takes espresso seriously to get this beautiful couple, it's really worth the money.

On to the next level...;o)